Music and Ecology Session

Dear fellow musicians and performance artists:

We are pleased to be offering an evening of musical and performance entertainment in Austin, brought to you by the talented membership of ESA! Mark your calendar for Monday, August 8th, from 7 - 10 pm.

This is a great event that features a lot of diverse talent. In the past, we've had everything from beat poetry readings to singer/songwriters to Bach cello suites!

We started this tradition of a formal music evening at the 2006 meeting in Memphis. Here is a website where you can check out some photos and music from the Memphis session:

In Austin, we will have performance space, a PA system, vocal and instrument microphones, and a sound board you can plug into. Space is limited, so please sign up early. If time permits, we will have an open mic sign-up in the later part of the session, but that will depend on how many people sign up for performance slots.

Once the reservations are in, I will be in touch with you about the schedule and how much time you will have for your performance. Please pass along this announcement to fellow musicians, performers, and fans of quality entertainment who will be at ESA.

Also, we will have music in a more informal setting. Each afternoon at the end of the day's sessions, a "Musician's Central" room will be open for you to stop by and jam with others, or just enjoy the music.

We are looking forward to seeing-- and hearing-- you in Austin!

Best wishes,

Nick Gotelli
Michelle Horton


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