Asian Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America

Volume 7, No. 3                 September 2006

2006-2008 Committee:

Chair: Qinfeng Guo
(United States Geological Survey,

Secretary: Binhe (Ben) Gu
(South Florida Water Management District,

Past Chair: Shili Miao
(South Florida Water Management District,

General Editor: Binhe (Ben) Gu

I. Message from the Chair
First, I extend a special note of thanks to Drs. Shili Miaoand Ben Gu for their dedicated service, which made AES asuccessful section in the past two years. In the comingyear, we will continue the legacy and make strongerconnections with national/international ecologicalsocieties in Asia through organizing internationalmeetings, trips, and collaborative research. We plan tosponsor or co-sponsor several intercontinental symposia, particularly with ecologists and ecological societies ofAsia. Activities which may need immediately actionsinclude: (1) 4th International Symposium on Modern Ecologyto be held in Inner Mongolia(; contact Dr Jianguo Wu,, and (2) Eco Summit 2007 in Beijing;, contactDr. Bai-lian Li). A symposium by AES is being proposed forthe Eco Summit 2007: “Invasion Biology and Management underChanging Climates” (co-organizers Guo, Q. and Miao, S.).Istrongly encourage our members to contribute on topics suchas invasive species, infectious diseases, dusts, desertification, and global change. With your support andactive participation, I am confident that AES will haveanother successful year - thank you!

II. News
2006 ESA Annual Meeting held in Memphis

About 2,500 ecologists and 50 AES members attended andpresented during the annual meeting.

2006 AES Mixer in Memphis

An AES mixer was held in Holiday Inn hotel during ESAannual meeting in Memphis. Over 60 AES members andcolleagues attended this event. Several members of ESAleadership team including Executive Director KatherineMcCarty, Editor-In-Chief of Frontiers in Ecology and theEnvironments Sue Silver, Science Director Cliff Duke, andESA President Alan Covich were also present. Dr. Shili Miao, AES chair 2004-2006, hosted this event for threeagendas. Shili’s opening remarks briefly summarized AESachievements in past two years. She announced that Dr. Qinfeng Guo from US Geological Survey, Northern PrairieWater Research Center, is the elected AES chair 2006-2008.

Then, the mixer got into its highlight, Dr. Bai-lian Lifrom University of California Riverside updated the EcoSummit 2007 ( thatwill be held in Beijing, China, May 22-27, 2007. Finally, the audience discussed possibilities to seek travelexpenses for needed ecologists to attend Eco Summit. Task teams for writing funding proposal will be followed soon.

2006 AES Mixer in Memphis

III. Meeting Announcements
ESA/SER Joint meeting Hill be held in San Jose McEnergyConvention Center, San Jose, California on August 5 – August 10, 2007. Please visit ESA website for detail:

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The current AES committee would like to invite ESA members who interest, involve, and/or conduct research in Asia to subscribe AES when you renew your 2005 ESA membership.

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