Asian Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America

Volume 6, No. 2 - October 2005

2004-2006 Committee:

ShiLi Miao, the Chair
(South Florida Water Management District,

Binhe (Ben) Gu, the Secretary
(South Florida Water Management District,

Harbin Li, the Past Chair
(USDA Forest Service, Center For Forested Wetlands Research,

I. Message from the Chair

In the past year, AES fostered several international collaborations, particularly with Asian ecologists and ecological societies of Asia and ESA. We co-organized “the First Symposium of Plant Ecology Frontiers” in Guilin, China in June of 2005 with the Plant Ecology Section of the Chinese Society of Botany. About 100 Chinese plant ecologists attended the two-day symposium. The presentations covered a wide range of current research topics. We participated in a Tsunami relief effort in Southeast Asia and encouraged members to participate in Tsunami relief. We sponsored and co-organized an ESA 2005 symposium entitled “Ecological Impacts of Asia on Global Sustainability at Multiple Scales” in Montreal. We organized a panel discussion at recent ESA on “the collaboration between ESA and Asian ecologists and ecological societies: opportunities, challenges, and perspectives” (see report below). Finally, AES collaborated with the Ecological Society of China and Sino-Ecologists Association Overseas for a joint project that translates a special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment and ESA EcoVision Report into Chinese. In addition, AES increased its memberships with diverse backgrounds, and updated its website and published its newsletters regularly. I sincerely appreciate great efforts from many of our members on these achievements. With your help, AES will accomplish more in the coming year.

II. AES News

Report on the Asian Ecologists Section Business Meeting and Mixer at the joint ESA/INTECOL meetings in Montreal

Approximately 25 members and guests attended the ESA Asian Ecologists Section business meeting and mixer, held August 10, 2005 at the joint ESA/Intecol meetings in Montreal. Presentations by Professor Sun-Kee Hong, Secretary of the Ecological Society of Korea (ESK) and the Eastern Asian Federal Ecological Society (EAFES), and Dr. Rusonh Wang, President of the Ecological Society of China, provided backgrounds on these organizations and their memberships, publications, goals and activities. They stressed the need for popularization of ecological values and collaboration with scientists in Asia and other countries to address common issues of rapid economic growth, urbanization, sustainable land use and development, basic and long-term ecological research, expansion of environmental awareness by the public and governments, global change, and numerous ecosystem stresses. Dr. Dennis Ojima, ESA's representative to the Section meeting, reported that ESA is supporting international cooperation on major issues such as sustainability, long term ecological studies, invasive species, global change, and others. The discussion that followed addressed the need to popularize ecology in Asian countries, the potential role of non-government organizations, and the role of poverty and the environment in Asian countries (Provided by Martha Nungesser).

Dr. Larry Li was elected Honorary Professor (theoretical biology, ecology and biophysics) of Russian Academy of Sciences on January 25, 2005, in recognition of his fundamental contributions and pioneering role in the development of modern theoretical ecology; the honor ceremony was held at Biological Research Center of the Russian Academy in mid-June and he spoke to their Scientific Council on the state-of-the-art in ecological complexity. He was also an invited plenary speaker (Plenary Session II) of International Conference on Multifunctionality of Landscapes at University of Giessen, Germany on May 18-19, 2005.

Dr. Chris Tripler, NSF Minority Post-doctoral Fellow from U. of Louisville / Institute of Ecosystem Studies, was principal organizer for an Organized Oral Session entitled “Insights, Challenges, and Future Directions in Modeling Forest Dynamics at Multiple Scales” during the past ESA. The session was well attended by over 100 conference attendees and was a considerable success.

III. Announcements

NPER Fellowships Announcement

The National Park Service, National Park Foundation, and Ecological Society of America are pleased to announce the 2005 National Parks Ecological Research Fellowship Program. Detail information and application materials are available at For more information on the NPER Fellowship Program, contact: NPER Program Manager, Ecological Society of America, 202-833-8773 or

ESA SEEDS program

The Ecological Society of America's SEEDS Program is excited to announce three opportunities for students interested in the ecological sciences. The SEEDS program promotes these opportunities with the mission of diversifying and advancing the profession of ecology. Please share these opportunities with those who may be interested.

November 2005 Student Field Trip (

2006 ESA International Conference Student Travel Awards (

2006-2007 Undergraduate Research Fellowship (

III Coming Conferences

FIRST ASIA SECTION MEETING Society for Society of Conservation Biology

The first ever meeting of the newly formed Asia Section of the Society for Conservation Biology to be held in KATHMANDU, NEPAL, ~ 17-20 NOVEMBER 2005. All details at:


Deadline to submit an abstract is August 31, 2005. For more information please browse the Conference website:

The 17 TH Global Warming International Conference in Miami, USA, April 19-21, 2006. Contact information: Tel: 1-(630) 910-1551, Fax: 1-(630) 910-1561. E-mail:

Ecology in an Era of Globalization in Merida, Mexico, January 8 – 12, 2006. (web:

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