Asian Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America

Volume 4, No. 1, May 2000

I. Information Request on Asian Ecology

To promote the scholarly exchange between ecologists in Asia and US, the Asian Ecology Section of Ecological Society of America is proposing to develop a document on Asian ecology that summarizes the major developments in several major fields of ecology and major institutions that are active in ecological research in Asian countries.  This document is expected to enhance the exposure of ecological research in Asia and foster possibilities of international collaborations.

The document will focus on the following areas of ecology:

     (1) Physiological ecology
     (2) Population ecology
     (3) Behavioral ecology
     (4) Community ecology
     (5) Ecosystem ecology
     (6) Landscape ecology
     (7) Historical ecology (people and nature)
     (8) Urban ecology
     (9) Global change ecology

Information on (A) leading ecologists and (B) major institutions in different countries of Asia will also be listed.  This document is intended to be both a review of, and a guide to, Asian ecology.  It is intended to be published in Bulletin of Ecological Society of America or Ecology International.

Asian Ecology Section has set up an Ad Hoc Committee for compiling this document, which is composed of:

Dr. Jianguo Wu (Chair of Asian Ecology Section, 1999-2000)
Jacoby Carter (Section Secretary of AES)
Yiqi Luo (Chair Elect)
Xinyuan Wu (former Chair)
Weixin Cheng (former Chair)

In general, ecological studies carried out by Asian ecologists, although some are excellent, have been obscure or invisible to our western colleagues.  This is a great opportunity for our Asian colleagues to help alleviate this situation and promote Asian ecology.  If you have information that is relevant to the document, please send to:

Dr. Jianguo Wu
Department of Life Sciences (2352)
Arizona State University West
P. O. Box 37100
Phoenix, AZ 85069-7100
Phone:  (602) 543-6131 (O)
Fax:      (602) 543-6073

All contributors will be properly acknowledged in the document; individuals who make substantial contributions will be co-authors.

II. Next AES Sponsored Symposium at Snowbird 2000

AES will sponsor the Symposium on Urban Ecology: The Eastern and Western Perspectives at the 2000 Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of America, Snowbird, Utah between August 6 and 10, 2000.  The symposium is organized by Dr. Jianguo (Jingle) Wu (Chair of AES) and Dr. Steward T.A.
Pickett (former VP of ESA).  The following is a list of the presentations:

Time: Monday, August 7th, 2000, 1:00-5:00 pm

1:00      WU, JIANGUO* and S.T.A. PICKETT. Introduction: New paradigms for urban ecology.

1:20      GROVE, J. M., S.T.A. PICKETT, and W. R. BURCH, Jr. The Baltimore long term ecosystem study: a patch dynamics approach to the study of urban ecosystems.

1:40      ZIPPERER, W. C. Ecosystem management in urban landscapes: is it possible?

2:00      GRIMM, N.B., M.A. LUCK, and G.D. JENERETTE. Multiple-scale analyses of ecosystem function and human-ecological interaction in an urban setting: the central Arizona-Phoenix ecosystem.

2:20      FREY, J. Comprehensive mapping of habitats in the City of Mainz, Germany ñ an example of communicating ecology in central Europe.

2:40 TIMMERMANS, W.*, and D. JONKERS, Urban ecology in the Netherlands - the making of urban nature.

3:00      Break

3:15      Burch, w. R., Jr.  Social ecology in developing regions.

3:35      HONG, S.-K.* and I.-J. SONG. Traditional principles of land use as a basis of the urban landscape ecology and planning in Korea.

3:55      JO, H-K. Carbon flows and the role of greenspace in urban ecosystem for Chuncheon, Korea.

4:15      WANG*, R.S., Z.Y. OUYANG and D. HU, Old tradition and new transition: urban ecology in China.

4:35 PICKETT, S.T.A. Concluding remarks.

Call For Symposium Proposals for 2001

It is never too early to start thinking about symposiums the AES can sponsor at the next ESA conference in 2001.   Symposium proposals typically have to be submitted by the mid September for consideration by the ESA program committee.  If you have an idea for a symposium we could sponsor please come to our next meeting during the Snowbird Conference and present it to the group.

To submit a symposium proposal to the ESA you need to send the program committee the following:

  1. Title of the symposium.
  2. Name of symposium chair(s) and contact information
  3. Letter(s) of sponsorship for the symposium.  That would come from the current chair of the ESA at the time the proposal is submitted.  If the symposium has  joint sponsorship with another section, you should get a letter of sponsorship from that section as well.
  4. Abstract for the symposium that tells what the topic or theme is and why that topic or theme is important.
  5. A preliminary list of speakers, with affiliations and titles.

Because of the short time frame involved from the end of the last ESA meeting to the deadline for proposal submission (approximately one month), the whole process is generally handled via email.   Now is the time to start contacting potential speakers.  Generally you need at least 5 or 6 speakers on board when you submit the proposal with the promise of more to follow.   About 10 talks fills up an afternoon or morning client.  Contact Jianguo Wu and Yiqi Luo to ask about sponsorship for your symposium.

III. Candidates for AES Chair-Elect 2000-2001

Only one nominated candidate (Prof. Young Choi) was qualified and agreed to run for AES Chair Elect.  The term of office starts October 2000 and runs through September 2001.   October 2001 the chair elect becomes the section chair for a term that runs from October 2001 through September 2002.

You can vote, by e-mail of regular mail, for either Professor Choi or a write in candidate
If you want to send in a write in candidate you must (1) make certain he or she is an AES member, (2) provide his or her contact information, and (3) make certain they agree to run.
Send your vote in by mail or e-mail to:

     Jianguo Wu (Chair)
     Department of Life Sciences,
     Arizona State University-West,
     Phoenix, AZ 85069-7100, USA,
     phone: 602- 543-6131/ fax: 602-543-6073


Professor Young D. Choi
Department of Biological Sciences,
Purdue University Calumet
Hammond, Indiana, 46323 USA
219-989-2325 voice/ 219-989-2130 fax


Dear colleagues:

I am very grateful for being nominated for the Chair-Elect of the ESA Asian Ecology Section (AES), and deeply honored to accept this nomination.  I am especially appreciative to Dr. Jianguo Wu, the current Chair of the AES, for nominating me despite my humble contribution to the AES.  As a co-organizer of the ESA Symposium (Exotic Species in Asia) in 1999, I have observed tremendous enthusiasm and challenging tasks for the expanding AES. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to put my heart and talents for betterment of AES.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Restoration of plant communities of oak-savannas, prairies, and wetlands in the Great Lakes region.

Associate Professor of Biology 1990 to present Coordinator of Environmental Science Program (2000 to present) Environmental Education Coordinator, New York State Office of Parks and Recreation and Historica Preservation (1989-1990) Research Project Counselor, NASA Kennedy Space Center 1994

Co-organizer (with Dr. Jacoby Carter of USGS), ESA-AES Symposium "Exotic Species in Asia" Spokane, Washington 1999 Co-organizer (with Dr. Mohan Wali of Ohio State University) INTECOL Symposium "Restoration Ecology, Global Experience and Needs" Florence, Italy 1998.

Ph.D. in Environmental and Forest Biology 1991, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, New York
MS. in Environmental Science 1984. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL
BS in Biology 1979. Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.

IV. Donation Of A Computer

The USGS National Wetlands Research Center has donated a Macintosh 7200/120 to the AES.   The AES hopes to use this computer as a dedicated host computer for our sectionís web page and perhaps in the future provide a bulletin board for our members as well.   Currently we are now seeking a physical location with a good internet connection for this computer. If you have a space and a connection you can spare, please let Jacoby Carter, at the address above, know.

Our Web Page
This reminds me to once again say thanks to Ben Wu at Texas A&M for hosting our web site on his own system at the URL This page includes our by-laws, back issues of the newsletters, and interesting links for Asian Ecology.

V.  Other News
For those interested in the natural history of the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other neighboring countries) there is a subscription electronic bulletin board called, "NATHISTORY-INDIA".   This bulletin board contains information about happenings, crises, news events, information requests, etc.   It is a must list to be on if you are working on the Indian subcontinent.   To subscribe send a request to vivek@EE.Princeton.EDU and he will sign you up.

VI. Officers of the AES

Chair for 1999-2000:     Jianguo Wu      (
Chair Elect for 2000-2001:    Yiqi Luo        (
Past Chair for 1998-1999:     Weixin Cheng    (
Secretary for 1999-2001: Jacoby Carter   (
AES Web Master:          Xinyuan (Ben) Wu     (

Jianguo Wu (Chair)
Department of Life Sciences,
Arizona State University-West,
Phoenix, AZ 85069-7100, USA,
phone: 602- 543-6131/ fax: 602-543-6073 e-mail:

Yiqi Luo (Chair-Elect)
University Of Oklahoma
Department Of Botany & Microbiology
770 Van Vleet
Norman, OK, 73019
phone: (405) 325-1561/ fax: (405) 325-7619 e-mail:

Weixin Cheng (Past Chair)
Environmental Studies Department
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Phone: (831) 459-5317
FAX:   (831) 459-4015

Jacoby Carter (Secretary)
USGS National Wetlands Research Center
700 Cajundome Boulevard
Lafayette, LA, 70506
phone: 318-266-8620/ fax: 318-266-8592/ e-mail:

Xinyuan (Ben) Wu (Web Master)
Texas A&M University
Dept of Rangeland Ecology & Management
College Station, TX, 77843-2126
phone: (409) 845-7334/ fax: (409) 845-6430 e-mail:

If you have any items for future newsletters for the AES please forward them to:
Jacoby Carter, Secretary of the Asian Ecology Section

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