Section Officers




Section Chair 2014: Dr. Gillian Bowser, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory and Ethnic Studies Department, Colorado State University


Dr. Gillian Bowser is a native of Brooklyn, New York and she started her career as an art major attending LaGuardia High School of the Arts where she earned a degree in fine arts.  Her academic career was in biology with an emphasis on wildlife and population genetics with a minor in fine arts.  Dr. Bowser’s career represents the nexus between art and science.  She went on to become a wildlife biologist at National Park Service at several different national parks including Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Joshua Tree and Wrangel St. Elias National Parks.  Dr. Bowser is currently a research scientist at Colorado State University where her research is focused on biodiversity, sustainability and women scholarship and she currently leads two research coordination networks (RCN) funded by National Science Foundation looking at engaging minority students and faculty in the sciences.

Past Chair Most Honorable and Emertius: Dr. Hal Balbach, US Army Corps of Engineers

Vice Chair: Dr. Luben Dimov, Department of Forestry University of Alabama

Secretary: Dr. Rick Black, Environ Corp.


Rick Black has nearly 30 years of ecological research, field investigation, and consulting experience, as well as a diverse background in terrestrial biology and ecology, policy, management and technical fields. His biological and technical experience includes terrestrial ecology, threatened and endangered species (TES) surveys, TES monitoring, TES impact analyses, biological assessments, wetland delineations, riparian impacts analyses, vegetation community analyses, ecological risk assessments and revegetation research and analyses. His policy experience includes management of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents, corridor permitting (involving more than 10 agency stakeholders), Section 7 consultation, environmental assessments and wetland permitting. Rick has also been able to successfully develop and apply innovative biological and ecological indices to evaluate impacts to terrestrial systems from development projects and various army activities. Rick has managed or participated in over 50 NEPA projects associated with Transportation, Oil and gas, Rail, and Private Industry. His expertise and professional passion centers on terrestrial ecology, indices of biological quality, TES biology, wetlands ecology, desert ecology and mining revegetation. Rick is passionate about mentoring younger ecologists, improving the communication and presentation methods of scientists and integrating business and ecology for the solving of today’s issues.

Rick is active in his field and has served as a mentor for the Ecological Society of America (ESA) and, in 2010, served as the scientific chair for the International Society of Wetland Scientist meetings, and is currently (2013/2014) serving as secretary for the Applied Ecology section of the ESA and on the board for the SEEDS (Strategies for Ecology, Education, Diversity & Sustainability) program for the ESA.